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Welcome! gitanfaninusa 07/12/2005
The second DVD gitanfaninusa 08/03/2005
The First DVD gitanfaninusa 08/03/2005
The best (in my opinion) so far.... gitanfaninusa 08/03/2005
The LIVE album... gitanfaninusa 08/03/2005
The first solo album... gitanfaninusa 08/03/2005
The begining.... gitanfaninusa 08/03/2005
Gipsy (English Translation of "Gitan") gitanfaninusa 07/21/2005
Gitan gitanfaninusa 07/21/2005
With the pleasure of your body (English translation of Au Plasir de ton Corps) gitanfaninusa 07/21/2005
Au plaisir de ton corps gitanfaninusa 07/21/2005
Ask the Sun (English translation of Demande au Soleil) gitanfaninusa 07/12/2005
Demande au Soleil gitanfaninusa 07/12/2005

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