The LIVE album... 

The LIVE album...

Seul avec Garou... while I will keep my feelings on the title to myself "AHEM" - This was awesome. Of course being as that I am an American and have never gotten to see him live... This and the DVD's are as close as I have... "You can leave your hat on" and the "Medley R&B" are fantastic. God what I wouldnt give to see him do those live...... Ahhh... some day... perhaps... :)

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Comment Hurrah! Here I was beginning to believe I was the only American to have been magically transformed into a French speaking /loving Garou addict! Listening to his newest self titled album right this moment.. finished Seul and Reviens is next in queue... Serious saving for trip to where ever I have to go to see this man live in concert. Tip.. look up his videos ( if you haven't already found them) on Love watching him move... Best! Jannetta

Mon Sep 18, 2006 2:11 pm MST by Jannetta

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